Description of Service

Phytomer Facial (Salon)
We use pure seaweed skin care products from France. Depending on your needs, you may select either a Hydrating, Nourishing, Sensitive skin, Anti-aging or Purifying treatment. Our Beauty consultants will evaluate and recommend the treatment you need.

Special Phytomer Facial (Salon)
As with the regular facial, we use Phytomer pure seaweed products from France. The difference is the treatment goal. In the special facial, the results include firming, rebalancing, clarifying of lifting of tired, depleted or aging skin. You can correct the ravages of wind, sun or time with these special goal facials.

Mandi Lulur (Spa)
After a one hour herbal massage, your skin is scrubbed with a herb and rice powder mixture to remove dead skin, then you relax in a warm tub with herbs and flowers in the water. A traditional Javanese health and beauty treatment.

Solo Lulur (Salon)
The same as mandi lulur, except that after the aromatic skin scrub (the scent lasts two days on the skin), a foaming milk body mask is applied. This special treatment tightens and beautifies your body.

Body Shampoo (Spa)

After a one hour relaxing spa massage, your body is scrubbed with body foam, then a thin layer of essential oil mixed in arak (palm wine) is applied. The alcohol in the arak evaporates, cooling your body, and the essential oil permeates your skin to give you the aroma therapy effects all day. Our essential oil combinations offer energizing, relaxing, revitalizing or aphrodisiac effects.

Seaweed Body Wrap Using Thalotherm (Salon)
After a relaxing massage your body is scrubbed and a special lotion is applied to open your pores. Then a seaweed Thalotherm body mask is applied to demineralize your skin, reduce body fat and help eliminate cellulite. Finally you are wrapped in a heating blanket to oxidize you skin.

Neways Shampoo And Comb-Out (Salon)
After a thorough shampoo and conditioning your scalp and neck are massaged. Then a gentle application of steam and replenishing mist is applied to remoisturize and strengthen you hair. Your hair is then blow-dried and combed-out to your instructions.

Total Body Detoxification (Salon)

An evaluation by our beautician will determine your specific needs for slimming, de-aging, or firming and eliminating wrinkles. After the appropriate cream mask is applied you will be wrapped in a heating blanket, then receive a relaxing beauty massage, scrub and moisturizing bath.

Dead Sea Mud Total Body Mask (Salon)
After a relaxing beauty massage, a total body mask of Dead Sea mud will be applied, followed by a remineralizing bath in our jet tub with Dead Sea salts.

Firming And Reducing Body Wrap (Salon)
Especially effective at slimming specific areas of the body and firming the connective tissue to eliminate wrinkles. A refreshing beauty massage is followed by an herbal scrub, then specific body areas are treated with slimming creams before you are wrapped in a heating blanket before you relax in a jet-tub with essential oils to complete the session.

Body Bath (Salon)
Relax in our jet-tub with your choice of herbal foam to soften and moisturize you skin, or perfumed herbal salts to remineralize and soften your skin.